Track Record / History

Since 2013 SPDI has been transformed from having just one income producing property in one country to owning a portfolio of prime real estate in four countries which is comprised of several properties let out to blue chip tenants generating significant income (with cap rate >10%)

In late 2011, a small group of new shareholders and the new management team jointly turned the business around (then called AISI) from a company with almost no income, no cash and >US$5 million of annual costs and successfully increased its annual income by 500% and decreased the annual costs by 50% within 18 months. Today, renamed as SPDI, the Company has a broad geographic portfolio with high yields and capital growth potential. Utilising its in-house and external resources, the Board and Management team have put in place a best in class internal structure and platform upon which to continually optimise the performance of its existing portfolio, as well as expand the business further.

Management has a defined strategy and investment criteria to generate shareholder value through taking advantage of the highly positive macro and regional property market fundamentals.

Key Facts 31 December 2014 31 December 2015 Change
Total Assets (€ million): 67 125 87%
Number of income producing commercial properties: 4 7 75%
Operational Gearing 48% 52% 9%
Rental Income (€ million): 3.6 5.9 64%
EBITDA (€ million): 0.8 2.4 x3
Net Equity (€ million): 32.5 42.5 31%
Issued Shares: 33,884,054 90,014,723 166%