Land Bank

Bela Center, Odessa, Ukraine

The site consists of a 22.4 Ha plot of land with zoning allowance to construct up to 103,000 sqm GBA industrial properties and is situated on the main Kiev – Odessa highway, 20km from Odessa port, in an area of high demand for logistics and distribution warehousing.

Tsymlyanskiy Lane – Kiev, Ukraine

The 0.36 Ha plot is located in the historic and rapidly developing Podil District in Kiev. The Company owns 55% of the plot, with one local co-investor owning the remaining 45%. The plot is zoned for residential development.

Rozny Lane, Kiev, Ukraine

The 42 Ha land plot located in Kiev Oblast zoned to be developed as a residential complex.

Kiyanovskiy Lane – Kiev, Ukraine

The property consists of 0.55 Ha of land located at Kiyanovskiy Lane, near Kiev city centre. It is destined for the development of business to luxury residences with beautiful protected views overlooking the scenic Dnipro River, St. Michaels’ Spires and historic Podil. The plot is zoned for residential development.

Balabino- Zaporozhye, Ukraine

The 26.38 Ha site is situated on the south entrance of Zaporozhye city, 3km away from the administrative border of Zaporozhye. It borders the Kharkov-Simferopol Highway (which connects eastern Ukraine and Crimea and runs through the two largest residential districts of the city) as well as another major artery accessing the city centre. The plot is zoned for commercial development.

Delia Lebada, Romania

The site consists of a ~40,000 sqm plot of land in east Bucharest situated on the shore of Pantelimon Lake, opposite a famous Romanian hotel, the Lebada Hotel. The lake itself, having a 360 Ha surface, is the largest lake in Bucharest and accommodates many leisure activities such as fishing, cycling, walking, etc. At the back of the property there is a forest which transforms the area into a very attractive habitat for families and adds value to the residential units to be developed.

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